HTC Wizard appears for sale as QTEK 9100 – Is this for real?

One device that I'm desperate to get hold of is the HTC Wizard.  One of my colleagues had one of these recently and despite offering various body parts I couldn't tempt him to give me it. 

It seems one UK supplier is offering it for sale and available 1st October? I'd love to know if this is for real?

Qtek 9100 GSM / GPRS / EDGE Pocket PC Phone (Qtek 9100)

Take a look at 

The specification from their site is as follows:

•PDA form factor integrated quad-band GSM/EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi, 1.3/2 mega-pixel camera, and sliding QWERTY keyboard
•Theme: messaging
•Microsoft Windows PocketPC Phone Edition
•108 mm(L) x 58 mm(W) x 23.5 mm(T)
•150 g with battery pack
•TI OMAP 850
•ROM: 128 MB (for programs and users’ storage)
LCD Module
•2.8" 240 x 320 dots resolution
•64K-color TFT Transflective LCD with white LED back light
•Sensitive Touch Screen
•Support both Portrait and Landscape mode (keyboard sliding and soft button on today screen)
•Screen rotation icon (portrait, right-hand landscape, or left-had landscape) and key lock icon (lock or unlock) on the bottom of status bar
GSM/EDGE Function
•Internal antenna
•Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900)
•Audio codec: AMR, EFR, FR, HR
•SMS (MO, MT), concatenated SMS (640 characters)
•Supplement services:
•Call holding/waiting/forwarding
•Call barring
•CLI (Calling Line Identity)
•Display own number
•Network selection
•Cell broadcast
•Multi-party conference call
•Spool icon
•Phase 2+ unstructured supplementary service data
•Network Lock
•EDGE Functionality
•EGPRS class B
•Multi-slot class 10
•Incremental Redundancy
•1.8V/3V operation
•SIM Application Tool Kit release 98 class 3
•Over the Air (OTA) programming
•Security Pin 1 & 2 control
•Lock type mechanism
•Power button
•One navigation pad (5-way)
•Send/Hands-free button
•End button
•Voice command (right side)
•Voice recorder (left side)
•Volume up & down
•Camera capture
•2 AP buttons (Messaging-left button, Portal or PIE-right button)
•2 soft keys
•One bi-color LED for GSM standby, GSM message, GSM network status, notification, and charging status
•Two respective (blue and green) LEDs for bluetooth/WiFi notification
•Vibration for notification
•Notification by sound and message on the display
•Built-in Microphone
•Dual speakers on both sides
•Loud speaker for Hands-Free supported
•Full duplex
•Audio sampling rate
•16-bits with 8KHz, 11KHz, 22KHz, 44.1KHz
•Main Camera (manufacture option)
•CMOS 1.3Mega pixel with fixed lens
•Or CMOS 2.1Mega pixel with macro lens / AF
•Video/flash light
•Preview Mirror
•Infrared IrDA SIR
•Mini-SD card slot with door (top)
•External antenna connector
•1.8V/3V SIM card
•2.5 Ø stereo audio jack
•Removable and chargeable Lithium ion polymer battery, 1200mAh [TBD]
•Charging time: less than 4 hours
•Battery life:
•PDA mode: 10 hours (running multimedia) [TBD]
•Talk time: 4 ~ 5 hours [TBD]
•Standby time: 200 hours [TBD]
•AC adaptor
•C input: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
•DC output: 5V and 2A
Device-to-Device Connectivity
•Compliant with v1.2
•Class 2 transmit power
•Supported profiles:
•Generic Access profile
•Serial Port profile
•Headset profile
•Object Push profile
•DUN profile
•File Transfer profile
•Hands-free profile
•Generic Object Exchange profile
•AV profile
•PAN profile
•HID profile
•Co-exist with WiFi
•WiFi (manufacture option)
•IEEE 802.11b/g compliant
•Internal WLAN antenna
•11, 5.5, 2, and 1 Mbps per channel, auto fallback for extended range
•ELP mode
•Support 802.11i & AES
•WPA authentication – WEP, PSK, EAP-TLS, PEAP, LEAP
•Signaling interfaces between the terminal device and the servers: mutually authenticated and encrypted utilizing TLS (RFC 2246) with RC4 encryption with SGA1 used as the message integrity check
•802.11 WME QoS
•802.11e is preferred
•Fast AP to AP handover
•Infrared IrDA SIR
•AC adapter w/ mini-USB plug
•Carrying Case
•Sync. Cable (mini-USB/USB)
•Battery (rechargeable and replaceable)
•Stereo wired headset with microphone
•Mono bluetooth headset with microphone (optional)
•Stereo bluetooth headset with microphone (optional)
•Car adapter (optinal)
•Car kit w/car stereo mute function (optional)
•Travel Charger
•1 slot for 2nd battery charging
•LED indicator for charging
• However, cradle may be requested, so main unit shall be able to be charged and sync. with cradle.
•Cradle (optional)
• User manual, quick start guide, sync. software CD)
Pocket PC Phone Edition Applications
•Microsoft Pocket Outlook: Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks
•Microsoft Windows Media Player
•Microsoft MSN Messenger
•Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
• Microsoft ActiveSync
•Voice Notes
•Photo Caller ID
•Closed User Group
Value Added Applications
•Photo Album with editing picture capability
•Camera capture utility
•Camcorder (H.263 and MPEG4 encoder and decoder, 15 fps for QCIF encoding, 30 fps for QCIF decoding)[TBD]
•Polyphonic MIDI Ringtone Engine
•SmartLauncher (operator depend)
•MMS with video clip support
•MPEG4 Video/Audio Streaming Services
•JAVA virtual machine (J2ME, CLDC1.1, MIDP 2.0, JTWI)
•ClearVue Suite – PowerPoint, PDF Viewer
• FAX (Optional)
•Voice command/voice dial/Text-to-speech
•OMA DRM 1.0/2.0 (TBD)
•Blackberry email client (Optional)
•SVG Tiny / Basic (MMS only)
•XBackup & Restore
•Wireless Modem (IR, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE)
•R&TTE: EMC/EMI, CEM, Safety
•Microsoft PocketPC 2004 Logo (NSTL)
•USB certification
•Bluetooth certification
•WiFi certification



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