Windows Mobile 5.0 – persistent storage in Pocket PC

There are a huge number of benefits that Windows Mobile 5.0 brings to customers, partners, operators and developers.  For Enterprises there are some huge benefits  which I hope to highlight over the coming blog posts.....

The first one I'd like to cover which may seem strange is Persistent Storage in Pocket PC.

Persistent Storage really benefits Enterprises in two ways:

1) Massively improves battery life of any existing and future devices.
2) Reduces support costs!
Every customer I talk to always relates to the time they went on holiday leaving their Pocket PC behind (shame on you!) and returned to find that the device was completely dead and that they had lost all their applications and user data. 

This was because we didn't have persistent storage in Pocket PC devices 🙁  We've always had it in Smartphone devices.

With Windows Mobile 5.0 we introduce support for persistent storage which means your data is no longer stored in RAM and will survive a complete depletion of power. So no more dead Pocket PC's!!!

The other interesting benefit which few people are aware of is the battery life improvements Persistent storage provides.  With Persistent Storage we can pretty much double the battery life of an existing device.  This is for two reasons:

1) It took power to sustain the RAM.  As device memory increased from 16 to 32 to 64 to 128 the power consumption increased and the battery life went down!  With persistent storage that power is now not needed!

2) The second reason is that with previous Pocket PC devices when your battery said it was going to die - you really had at least 50% power left.  The reason for this was that we wanted to allow your data to survive 72 hoursso that you could get back to a power cable if you didn't have one with you.  It was also important because we know how people ignore the low-fuel warning on a car - we didn't want you to lose all your data if you ignored the warning the first couple of times.  Now with Persistent Storage we don't have to warn so early on.   Now you can run your device completely flat without losing any data!!

My colleague Mike Calligaro posted a more indepth article on this at :

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