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A couple of questions: Has the voice quality improved over the blue angel? what is the bluetooth range? is there voice dialing over bluetooth?

The voice quality I've found is excellent - hard to compare against the Blue Angel but my personal view is - it's better.

The Bluetooth range seems much better as Windows Mobile 5.0 has a huge number of Bluetooth improvements due to the fact the stack is now native!   The range depends on the device but with my headset I can wander around my study/kitchen at home and the office pretty easily within about 10-15 feet of the device.

There is no voice dialing over Bluetooth but that may be added by a 3rd party when the device is officially released.

... Thank you for your post... I am confident that I will love it in Tokyo... the only PB that I have so far is WHERE ON HEARTH can I buy one now ! Cheers !

You can't buy the device yet.... hold tight - Orange have announced it on their site but no dates as yet...

Hi Jason, I am jealous!! But I can really see this and the new Motorola Q starting a bit of a trend here. 😉

Yep - there are some amazing devices coming with Windows Mobile 5.0!  The Universal, Wizard, Q and many other really show the huge amount of innovation in Windows Mobile devices! 

Universal as a Webcam? i just wonder can it turns the vga cam next to the screen to become a webcam? and can the msn messager run on the device have the webcam capability? also, can the mini usb connect with another usb hhd.? maybe you can give me an idea of what to expect

Right now MSN Messenger doesn't support video... no reason why some smart developer out there couldn't build a client though 🙂  

I don't think the Universal supports Host Mode which is what would be needed for it support USB HDD's.

There is no mention of WIFI on the Orange page, and the register has picked up on this. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/08/19/orange_spv_m5000/ Do you have any information whether the Orange device will have WIFI or not?

The Universal device itself does have WiFi - it will depend if Orange is going to enable this feature or not... I'd keep checking their site for more details!

Jason, Thanks for sharing your experience! I have a burning question: Does the device support any kind of VGA output, for example to a projector, or to something like http://www.virtualresearch.com/products.html ?

There is no native support for VGA out... but I'm sure drivers for the existing devices are not too far away! 

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  1. Jason Irvine-Geddis says:


    Many thanks for answering my questions and further tempting me to buy the device on launch. If I may a couple of other questions:

    1 Would you test the device over a slightly further range say 20feet? Also presumably you are not suffering static or any of the artefacts you get over bluetooth over the range you have tested?

    2 A lot of people like me are torn between this device and the wizard. Have you seen the wizard and how belt worthy do you feel the universal is (or is it a briefcase kind of device)?

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  2. Nino.Mobile says:

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  3. Nino.Mobile says:

     Expansys now has the Qtek 9100 available for pre-order.  Keep an eye on  Mad Monkey Boy’s…

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