Something for the weekend? MSN Spaces and MSN Search Mobile Beta launches!


For those of you who've used MSN Mobile recently you may have spotted a new option appear - BETA Services. 


Our MSN team has launched a Beta release of MSN Spaces (Blogging) and MSN Search (which seems unfortunately to be limited to US)


Here’s how to get started:


  • To try out the service, launch your phone’s web browser, and go to, then select “Beta Services”.  Be sure to bookmark the site for easy access.


So what does mobile local search do? You can search for a restaurant, store, school, dentist, museum – basically, anything listed in the Yellow Pages and White Pages. Just enter your search term (i.e. “coffee” or “Victrola”) and location (zip code, city/state or full street address) and hit the “Search” button. Your recently used locations are even stored and easily accessible the next time you use the service. We’ll return the first handful of results, including name, address, distance from your current location and phone number – which you can dial by clicking!  Select the result name and you’ll see a page with more detail, including a color map. Select “get directions” and we’ll provide turn-by-turn driving directions between your starting location and result address (both editable).


Ok, what about mobile spaces?  You can now sign up for a space from your mobile phone.   You can view a space, whether created on the mobile or PC, including both blog entries and photos within blog entries.  Adding new blog entries or comments to existing blogs is now available from the phone with a simple blog editor.  Take a photo with your phone and post it to your space by sending the photo via the email service on your phone!   A list of recently updated spaces based on your contacts is included for convenient viewing.  You can invite your friends by sending a link to them of your space or any space you are viewing.


All of these features have been specially designed to work on your phone, requiring minimal interaction and optimized for speed and ease of use.

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