Outlook Account Management API Sample

Just a quick entry to post this sample.  A few folks have had trouble getting the Account Management API to work correctly.  This is a simple sample I wrote to enumerate the accounts in a profile that hopefully will help.  Download it here.


CreateMHTMLBody Won’t Read Web Pages Compressed with GZIP

The title says it all.  If you’ve got a web page hosted on a site that does GZIP compression, you can’t point CDO’s CreateMHTMLBody at it.  You’ll get back one of a few different errors, depending on your IE setup.  The ones I’ve seen are (with IE 6.0 SP1 installed): “Invalid Syntax” (if you don’t…


New Sample Transport Provider

I’ve been working with MAPI for over 5 years now.  In that 5 years I’ve supported my share of developers writing their own MAPI providers (message store, transport, address book), but I’ve never actually sat down and written one myself.  Until now 😉 I decided to do a transport, since we already *kinda* have a…


Subject Sorting in Outlook

I just recently worked through an issue where messages in a custom message store would not sort on the Subject field.  Other text properties sorted fine, just not Subject. The problem was because Outlook doesn’t sort the Subject field on PR_SUBJECT.  It actually uses PR_NORMALIZED_SUBJECT, which should filter out any prefixes from the subject (like…


PR_MAPPING_SIGNATURE and custom message stores

I was pulled into a neat little issue with a custom message store that didn’t behave correctly with appointments in Outlook.  It seems that everything was created fine, and Outlook set all of the named properties correctly on appointments.  The custom store was supporting named properties correctly and exposing them in their contents tables, so…