It’s been almost 2 years since I joined the Premier Field Engineering team here at Microsoft to support the HMC solution. A lot has changed since that day. We’ve seen a new version of Exchange roll out, and a new version of HMC to go along with it. Today marks yet another change for me….


Exchange 2007 SP1 and HMC 4.0

Yes, Exchange 2007 SP1 is out. No, it has not been cleared with HMC 4.0 yet. At this point you should not install SP1. We are working on getting this tested and should have an update soon. Until then please be patient! I am pleased to announce that the HMC Product team has finished a…


Making Sense of Patching HMC 4.0

Patching HMC has never been a fun process. Unlike most Microsoft products, HMC patches don’t come in nice neat installer packages that can just be installed on top of your existing setup. This causes some consternation, since we’re used to being able to run a hotfix installer and trusting the Windows installer technology to handle…


WSS 3.0 Security Fix causes Performance Issue for Hosters

I was notified this morning that a recently released security fix for WSS 3.0 has some severe performance issues for folks using host-header mode with a large number of sites (sound like anyone you know?). Read below for the official announcement: Important known performance issues about security update MS07-059 when deployed in hosting scenarios with…


Adding Users to WSS 3.0 Site in HMC 4.0 Exposes Users in All Organizations

If you followed our deployment guide to the letter, then chance are your WSS 3.0 setup isn’t 100%. There’s a big problem with the deployment guide for WSS that can break “multi-tenancy.” Here’s how you can check if you are broken and how you can fix the problem. The Test Log into an MPS-provisioned WSS…


Quick and Easy Ways to Break your Provisioning Engine

By now most people have discovered that installing Windows 2003 SP2 on your Provisioning Engine servers (MPS01 and MPS02 in the reference architecture) breaks provisioning completely. The problem is that SP2 includes some updates to the MSXML parser that breaks the way MPS transforms XML during its processing of provisioning requests.  Well as it turns…


More than 1000 OAB’s in Your HMC 3.5 Environment?

Have you seen any OAB’s mysteriously disappear? Then you’re going to want to check out this knowledge base article, then call support to get them to send you the hotfix. Users cannot download offline address books in Exchange Server 2003 when you use Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration version 3.5

Problems changing password in the HMC Consolidated Sample Control Panel

A lot of folks have hit this apparently, so I wanted to share my findings and how to fix it. PROBLEM If a non-admin user logs in to the Sample Control Panel that comes with the HMC 3.5 Consolidated Server Deployment Guide (MPSSampleCP), they cannot change their password. The error received is: An error encountered…


I’m Outta Here

Ok, not really, but I am moving to a new role here at Microsoft. I’ve been doing Messaging developer support for over 5 years now, and it’s been great. The team I’ve worked with over the years is made up of some greatest folks I’ve ever met, and it was really hard to leave. On…


Yet another IExchangeManageStore incarnation

Yep, that’s right: IExchangeManageStore5 is upon us. And this is the coolest one yet! I’m intrigued…what does it do? The cool new feature in this interface is the ability to retrieve a mailbox table (or public folder table) that contains only mailboxes in a particular information store. Prior versions of the IExchangeManageStore interfaces would always return…