Windows 8: THE power user’s hotkey

In Windows 8 there are a lot of new keyboard hotkeys to help navigate. In my opinion the one that is going to be THE poweruser hotkey is…



This brings up the following menu:



The underlined letter of each entry allows you to follow WIN+X with

  • f – for programs and features (a.k.a. Add/Remove programs)
  • o – for Power Options
  • v – for Event Viewer
  • y – for System Properties (I still use WIN+BREAK)
  • m – for Device Manager
  • k – for Disk Management
  • g – for Computer Management
  • c – for the Command Prompt
  • a – for a Command Prompt running with Admin rights
  • t – for Task Manger
  • p – for Control Panel
  • e – for File Explorer
  • s – Search (this drops you into the Start screen’s all “Apps” view ready to search for pick an app from the list
  • r – Run (Still prefer WIN+R)
  • d – for Desktop (Still prefer WIN+D)


I feel this one hotkey will help to mitigate complaints on how quickly (or not quickly) the new Start screen allows you to get these important system locations.

Comments (2)

  1. Oscar says:

    Hi, How can I define a new shortcut keyboard combination for an App?.  Example: Actually I use AltGr + x to open excel

  2. Jess says:

    Thanks for the tip Support Guy.  Have Win 8 at home and it's good to know.

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