My shiny new Blackjack

I recently picked up a Samsung Blackjack from Cingular and have to say that I love it!  I’ve been a Windows CE junkie for years (I even wrote my Masters Thesis on an original Casiopeia A-11 HPC), so I’m biased of course.  Switching from the Pocket PC OS to the Smartphone OS has been interesting, but…


Thumb blogging

I’m trying a little experiment in mobile blogging today using the latest drop of Kevin Daly’s Diarist for Windows Mobile and SPb’s full screen keyboard SIP on my Axim x50v. It has been a little frustrating getting used to tap-typing on the screen with my fat thumbs, but I’m starting to get the hang of…


Upgraded your Axim x50v to Windows Mobile? A few tips…

I upgraded my Dell Axim x50v to Windows Mobile 5 this week, and I thought I’d share a few tips & things I’ve learned since doing so. Navigation – After you upgrade, you’ll notice 2 “softkeys” at the bottom of the screen that take the place of most on-screen toolbars.  This is a major change…


NewsBreak v1.1 released

Ilium Software has released an upgrade to my favorite Pocket PC RSS reader – NewsBreak.  The new version 1.1 is a free upgrade for registered owners of version 1.0, and includes (among many usability enhancements), a Today Screen plug in! Make sure you back up your feed list before you install the upgrade though, or…


Verizon launches the Samsung i730 Pocket PC phone

Watch out SMT5600, there’s a new drool-worthy smartphone on the block.  If I didn’t already have and love my Dell Axim x50v (and I hadn’t just gotten a new Verizon contract), I’d be all over this phone.  It’s a very capable Pocket PC with 64MB RAM/128MB ROM, 527 Mhz, 240×320 screen, slide-out keyboard, EVDO support,…


Did you know about these Microsoft Pocket PC deals?

Microsoft’s Pocket PC website has a listing of Pocket PC-related hardware and software deals.  They’re updated frequently, so check back often.


Have you trained your Transcriber lately?

I use different input methods for my Pocket PC depending on which application I’m working with.  Lately, I’ve been trying to use Transcriber more and more.  In the past, I never had much luck with it recognizing my chicken-scratch scribble.  Now it’s great!  I used to expect to have to edit everything I entered with…


Pocket PC blogging tools

Last night, I tried out 2 Pocket PC blogging tools:  Diarist and PocketBlogger.  Diarist supports several popular blogging engines, including Blogger, CommunityServer, and LiveJournal.  The only quirk I’ve noticed so far is that the title field doesn’t map to the titles in my blog posts for some reasons – rather it shows up as heading…


BattleBot built on PocketPC with .NET CF 2.0 featured in Tech Ed keynote

I’ve long thought Windows CE and .NET were great platforms for mobile robotics, and these folks have proven the theory.  Appropriately named “The Finalizer”, this bot is so adept at disposing his opponents, it’s almost like it’s using them just for fun 😉 Link: – First BattleBot Built with Microsoft .NET Technologies Is Tech·Ed…


Catching the TechEd 2005 podcasts on your Pocket PC

TechEd 2005 starts on June 5th.  If you can’t attend in person, you can still catch lots of great information via the event podcasts.  Here’s a great tutorial on how to download podcast enclosures on your Windows Mobile device.  Mikehall’s blog has a link to the podcast XML file.