Yet another reason I love Twitter

If you read this blog, you’re probably already following me on Twitter (@JasonBarile), and you probably already know that I really love Twitter.  I stumbled upon a new reason for loving it today – real time crowd sourcing of data for a bug triage session.  We were discussing some bugs in meeting today when the…


My Listas

I checked out the new Microsoft Live Labs Listas app today.  So far, I’ve only created 1 list:  Management Books I Like (rss).  It seems like I’m always listening to or reading a new book on building strong teams, management techniques, effective (and not) management styles, etc.  As I read more, I’ll add them to…


5 things you didn’t know about me

I’ve been meme’ed!  Jason Prickett shared his 5 things recently and called me out, so here goes… I get 51.5 miles per gallon in my ’06 Honda Civic Hybrid.  I used to get a mere 46 mpg until I learned how to evoke the “EV glide mode”.  I’m obsessed with my mileage, I drive very slowly…


Windows Vista has been signed off!

Congratulations Jim and everyone who worked hard on Vista over the years!


(another) Road Trip!

I’ve been traveling a lot more than usual lately.  I think I spent a total of 4 days in the office during August between customer site visits and a vacation.  Tomorrow, I’ll be getting up at 4am to drive to Blacksburg, VA for a career fair at VA Tech on Tuesday and Wednesay.  I really…


Carolina Hurricanes make it to the Stanley Cup finals!

Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes for their victory in game 7 tonight over the Buffalo Sabres!  They’re off to the Stanley Cup playoffs vs. the Edmonton Oilers next week.  It was looking iffy after the 2nd period, but our ‘canes pulled it off in the 3rd with a stellar 4-2 win.  Yet another great reason…


Fleshing and pipes, or flushing and pikes?

Ths history of language and in particular popular phrases has always intrigued me.  At Microsoft, we’re especially adept at verb-ifying nouns and noun-ifying verbs.  For example: “onboarding” means getting people on board with your plan, “I have an ask” means I have a request.  Don’t ask me why we do this – I blame the…


Acrylic Beta is live (and cool!)

If you have some spare time this weekend, check out Acrylic (that’s a code name) – the beta of Microsoft’s new professional graphic design tool.  If you have questions or feedback, visit the Acrylic forums.


I am a Scorched Earth tank

Cute, and surprisingly accurate 🙂 If I had a dime for all the hours I spent playing Scorched Earth on my old Gateway 33Mhz 386 back in 1991, I probably wouldn’t have needed to recycle cans all summer to buy the floating point chip add-on 🙂 I am a Scorched Earth Tank.When I have a…