Team Explorer is Included in Visual Studio 2010

Here’s a quick tidbit that might save you sometime as you install VS2010 and TFS2010 RC.  In our previous releases, Team Explorer (the client for TFS) was a separate installation.  In VS 2010, it’s now included in the setup for Visual Studio Professional, Premium, and Ultimate.  This means you don’t have to run the stand-alone Team Explorer setup afterwards.  The separate installation package still exists for users who need to interact with TFS but don’t need all the other features of Visual Studio, and it’s included on the TFS distribution media.  Note that you won’t see Team Explorer listed as a separate component during VS setup – it’s just in there.

Hope that helps!

Comments (4)

  1. Lex Lavnikov says:

    Is there a possibility to remove this component without damaging VS.NET 2010?

    Since don’t use TFS and don’t need Team Explorer, we’d like to uninstall it and spare system resources.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Jason Barile says:

    Unfortunately, no. In 2010, Team Explorer components are baked into VS and can’t be removed independently of removing of VS.

  3. Paul says:

    You can't remove Team Explorer!?!?  Oh God, so I'm stuck with an interface splattered with Team this and Team that.

    Microsoft scores massive own goal !

  4. Lex Lavnikov says:

    Looks like Team Explorer is not that baked into VS. It it possible to removed it without damaging VS.

    There is a utility to clean Team Explorer off the system.

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