Help! Files in my bin directory are automatically added to source control!

You’re pulling your hair out.  Any file saved to the bin directory (even log files and temporary files you generate) end up getting added to source code control.  You’re getting more frustrated by the minute, especially when you try to build and some other developer already has binary files checked out exclusively (because you can’t merge them).  What’s going on here?!  I am reminded of the pain around website projects nearly weekly on Twitter, so I finally decided to blog about it in hopes someone will read this and save themselves a bit of trouble. 

My magic 8-ball says, you’re using a website project. 

The solution to this problem is to convert your website project into a Web Application Project.  I’m sure this “feature” was initially added as a convenience to website builders, but it’s also the cause of frequent confusion and angst from my observations.  Web Application Projects were created to solve this and a slew of other issues with website projects. 

Here’s an overview of Web Application Projects with links to more documentation for creating them, building them, and deploying them.  Hope this helps!

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