5 things you didn’t know about me

I've been meme'ed!  Jason Prickett shared his 5 things recently and called me out, so here goes...

  1. I get 51.5 miles per gallon in my '06 Honda Civic Hybrid.  I used to get a mere 46 mpg until I learned how to evoke the "EV glide mode".  I'm obsessed with my mileage, I drive very slowly now, and I leave a wake of stressed out pass-happy drivers wherever I go.

  2. I learned to program BASIC on an Apple ][e (well, who didn't?).  My parents bougth me a book of 101 computer games in BASIC that you could type in yourself.  I spent a week debugging a text-based version of Star Trek from that book.  I think that was the beginning of my love for software testing.  I prefer coding in C# now.

  3. I used to build robots for a living.  I also did metal building construction (jackhammers are cool) and flipped burgers for a couple of summers.  But my favorite pre-Microsoft job was building websites for musicians in Nashville before the web was cool.

  4. I used to work on the IE4 and Windows Shell teams where I owned testing of features and components like comctl32, shell extension APIs, Active Desktop, the time/date control panel, themeing in Windows XP, and shlwapi.dll.

  5. My 2nd grade teacher gave me the nickname "Hawkeye" because there was another Jason in my class and she liked the show "M.A.S.H.".  The nickname didn't stick, nor has any nickname tried on me since (that I'm aware of).

Have we heard from Sudhir, Jim, Jonathan, Elisabeth, or Kevin Daly yet?

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