Log Shipping with TFS

Sudhir Hasbe has posted a walkthrough for using SQL Log Shipping with TFS.  Check it out!


TFS as a Workflow Platform

I was recently pinged by someone asking if TFS would be a suitable platform for building a hardware order tracking tool for his team.  The idea would be to create workitem types for orders and a state diagram to track the order from placement to reception.  You could even take it as far as asset…


Windows Vista has been signed off!

Congratulations Jim and everyone who worked hard on Vista over the years! http://windowsvistablog.com/blogs/windowsvista/archive/2006/11/08/it-s-time.aspx


Warning about upgrading WSS to v3.0 on Team Foundation Server

We’ve seen some questions related to upgrading Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0 (WSS2.0) to version 3.0 on the TFS application tier in the forums lately, so I want to try to make sure everyone understands the implications of doing that. In version 1, this is not supported.  If you happen to upgrade your WSS2.0 to WSS3.0,…


Team System Chat, Wed Nov. 8th

I recently mentioned we have some upcoming web chats.  Turns out we have one scheduled for tomorrow, November 8th!  Here are the details: — Visual Studio Team System Chat – Wed, Nov 8th Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Team Editions…


Software Test and Performance Magazine

I don’t like to get into the business of endorsing, so I won’t.  But what I will say about Software Test and Performance Magazine is that I enjoy reading it and find that it has some interesting and relevant articles on a regular basis. Oh, and it’s free.  Oh, and you can download a .PDF file version each…


Draft of Whitepaper for SQL Mirroring with TFS available

One of our Program Managers, Sudhir Hasbe, has posted a draft of a whitepaper detailing how to use SQL Mirroring with Team Foundation Server.  You can find the draft here. Please feel free to send him questions and feedback! If you’re wondering what SQL Mirroring is and maybe how it is different from SQL clustering,…