Verizon launches the Samsung i730 Pocket PC phone

Watch out SMT5600, there's a new drool-worthy smartphone on the block.  If I didn't already have and love my Dell Axim x50v (and I hadn't just gotten a new Verizon contract), I'd be all over this phone.  It's a very capable Pocket PC with 64MB RAM/128MB ROM, 527 Mhz, 240x320 screen, slide-out keyboard, EVDO support, and even WiFi!  Bundle all that with an unlimited data plan, and you'll be one productive road warrior.

Brighthand:  Verizon Launches Samsung i730

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  1. dahat says:

    Is it really a fair comparison to compare the SMT5600 and the i730 given that the first is a GSM phone and the 2nd is CDMA?

    Verizon unfortunately has a notorious history of selling phones that are often months or years behind those offered by GSM carriers. I would love to own an SMT5600, unfortunately the best Verizon offers is a i600 which caused me some problems that you can read about <a href="">here</a&gt;.

  2. Jason Barile says:

    I think it’s a fair comparison for most end-users (GSM vs. CDMA). I don’t care which brand or type of engine is in my car – just that it gets me from point A to point B in style. I won’t go into my whole soapbox rant about the wireless industry and my personal opinions of some of the decisions the carriers make, but suffice it to say that I feel your pain 🙂

  3. return42 says:

    That was a really bad analogy. You obviously care what type of “engine” is in your cell phone, or you wouldn’t have listed off the tech specs ( 527 Mhz, etc) in your write-up.

    Besides that point, most people do in fact care about the engine in their car, or minimally its specs. Top speed, rpm’s, torque, fuel efficiency, transmission smoothness, etc… Aside from appearance, it is probably the most important aspect to selling a car.

    That said CDMA is horridly outdated, or at least CDMA based carriers are. They seem to run at least 6 – 12 months behind GSM competitors on a feature by feature basis. Then again, from my perceptions so far, all wireless carriers suck for reasons that have nothing to do with which broadcast mechanism they support.

  4. Jason Barile says:

    I definitely care about specs, but I don’t think I fall into the "most users" category, which was the point of my analogy. I would wager 95% of people who buy cellphones don’t spend a second thinking about whether the phone uses CDMA or GSM. They primarily care about the major features of the phone (camera, push to talk, maybe TXT messaging capability), coverage/roaming, and of course, the monthly cost of the plan. It doesn’t matter to them if the phone speaks the binary language of moisture vaporators or not.

    From that angle, I think it’s completely valid to compare the i730 to the SMT5600 on a major feature level.

    That said, I completely agree with you in my personal disgust at most carriers. For example, why is it that they can all pro-rate your first month, but when you decide to cancel your service, their systems apparently can’t handle pro-rating your last month, so you have to pay for the whole final billing cycle even if you quit on day 1?

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