Checking in with the Source Control QA team

This week and next, we're going to be focusing heavily on testing our features through the IDE (as opposed to the command line client).  We'll be using code coverage measurements to see what lines of code our testing hits and what gets missed.  As we go through the test pass, we'll use this code coverage data to help focus our testing on areas that haven't received as much coverage as others. 

We're also entering that phase of the product cycle where the developers are cranking through bug fixes, leaving a lot of bugs in the "resolved" state for testers to verify.  Remember, the 3 states in the default MSF Agile methodology are Active, Resolved, and Closed.  In our group, after the developers fix bugs, they move the bug into the "resolved" state.  Then, testers work through the resolved bugs to verify they're actually fixed correctly.  If the bug is fixed, we move it into "closed", otherwise we reactivate the bug and reassign it to the developer.

So, its pretty much business-as-usual for us over the next couple of weeks. 

As a follow to up to my recent post about high DPI issues, we've fixed a bunch of the dialogs to use the new auto-layout features in WinForms.  So many of our high DPI issues have already been fixed.  I'm curious though - what display resolutions and dpi settings do you use?  Did you know about the high DPI option, or are you one of those people who loves to squint at tiny text?

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