What’s in a name – redux

A while back, I asked what people wanted us to call our command line application.  Today, we're using "h.exe" as a placeholder.  Well, I'm happy to announce we've reached a decision and are now planning to call it "tf.exe", as in "Team Foundation".

So, everywhere you've seen "h checkin" or "h delete" in our blogs, we'll start using "tf checkin", "tf delete", etc. 

This particular issue generated quite a bit of feedback, so I'm naturally interested in how people like this name.

Also, do you think you'll use the command line interface or the Visual Studio integration more?  Will you exclusively use one or the other?  Some combination of both? 


Comments (6)

  1. Stuart says:

    I’ll use the VS integration when I’m working manually, but the commandline interface has to be good because I script stuff a lot.

    tf is fine by me, FWIW.

  2. ToddM says:

    Most certainly my team and I will welcome a combination of *both* interfaces. The command-line is obviously script-friendly, and several guys like to stay on the command-line when working, but more than half the team prefers a VS-integrated solutions.

  3. I’m certainly glad that you guys chose a short name. Not everyone uses an IDE for everything, and the lack of extra keystrokes will be appreciated.

  4. Anon says:

    I know it’s been decided, but…

    tf.exe is fine, but I think tfc.exe (for TF Client), which was mentioned in the comments to the original post, is better.

    It’s only one more letter, it’s correspondigly more descriptive, and it leaves tfs.exe (for TF Server) available for the future.

  5. Scott Lee says:

    For day to day operations we will use the VS-integrated approach. However on the build server (or the users machine who is in charge of weekly builds) the command-line tool will be used for scripting.

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