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My name is Jason Barile, and I'm blogging from the Research Triangle area in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC.  I'm a Software Test Lead in the Visual Studio Team System group.  If you haven't heard about this product yet and you're a software developer, project manager, or tester in a large development group, head over to our Microsoft.com page to learn more.  (And before I forget... we're hiring!)

VSTS has several pieces: project management, bug tracking, reporting, unit and load testing... virtually something for everyone!  The specific component I work on is code-named Hatteras, after a lighthouse on the North Carolina coast.  We're the source-code control arm of VSTS.  Several of our team members are also blogging about Hatteras: see the MS Bloggers section for links to their sites.  In addition to managing day-to-day testing operations for the team, I also own some features myself (and will be blogging about them in more detail in the near future), including renaming, shadow folders, undo, working folder mappings, and labeling.  Here's a demo showing some of our work in progress.

A bit of background: Before joining Microsoft, I attended college and graduate school at Vanderbilt University.  While there, I worked as a research assistant in the Intelligent Robotics Lab, where among other fun projects, I helped build a theremin-playing robot.  I've been a gadget-head ever since, and from time to time, you may find a couple of posts about must-have techie toys showing up here.

I joined Microsoft as an SDET in the Internet Explorer team in 1997 and haven't looked back since.  Shortly after IE4 shipped (and what an amazing party that was!), I moved over to the Windows Shell team where I tested all sort of cool APIs: IActiveDesktop, Common Controls, shell extensions, shlwapi.dll, Windows XP themes, and various other shell pieces.  I had the extreme fortune to work side-by-side with some great MS folks like Raymond Chen.  Then, last summer, I made a big jump across the country to get back to my Southern roots & joined the Hatteras team in North Carolina.

So, there you go... just a quick introduction for now, but much more to come later.  For now, I'm headed off for a week at the beach.  After that, it's back to work and back to blogging!



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  1. Rob Zelt says:

    Welcome to the area! Check out the local .net user group in RTP when you’re back from the beach! http://www.trinug.org

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks! I’ve been meaning to make it to one of your meetings. Our PM, Doug Neumann, is scheduled for a talk at one of the meetings later this summer, so I’m sure a bunch of us will come down to cheer him on.

  3. So you worked with the mad knitter eh? The next time you’re in Redmond, we’ll have to have a blogger’s meetup.

  4. Jason says:

    Funny… I almost called my blog "The Mad Hatteras-er" 🙂

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