Paint.NET 2.0 released

Paint.NET version 2.0 has been released.  This is a freeware image manipulation package written entirely in C#.  It originally started as a senior design project at Washington State University and has become a class project with several students contributing.  This version support layers and includes a public API for creating your own effects.


QA roles in other companies

My entire professional career has been within the walls of MSFT, unless you count my short stint as a web developer for country music artists in Nashville back in the day… At Microsoft, I’m an SDET – a software developer engineer in test.  That means we write code to test code.  Our dev skills generally need…


Rounding the corner…

There comes a time in every software project where you realize that everything is staring to gel and the product suddenly feels very very real.  I just had that experience with Visual Studio Team System, and it’s really exciting. During our last test pass, some of our testers were using the system from end-to-end, simulating…


Locking functionality in Team System Version Control

After my last post, I received some questions about locking as it relates to changesets.  So here’s a brief description.  As always, if I’m not clear or I’m leaving you confused, please let me know – constructive criticism is always welcomed 🙂 By default, multiple people can check out a file at the same time. …


Version Control

It’s been a while since I posted…  I’ll try to do better 🙂 In the meantime, what questions do you have about Visual Studio Team System Version Control?  I have one:  Do you get the changeset model?  I don’t claim to be an expert in every version control solution out there, but I gather that…


What’s in a name – redux

A while back, I asked what people wanted us to call our command line application.  Today, we’re using “h.exe” as a placeholder.  Well, I’m happy to announce we’ve reached a decision and are now planning to call it “tf.exe”, as in “Team Foundation”. So, everywhere you’ve seen “h checkin” or “h delete” in our blogs,…


Welcome Adam Singer to the Hatteras test team

Adam Singer recently joined the Hatteras test team and has started blogging.  For now, he owns features like locks, integration with the team build system, and administrative logging.  Watch for upcoming posts from him describing just what these are and how you can take advantage of them.


YAHB – Yet another Hatteras blogger

Another one of our Hatteras testers, Jim Presto, has started a web log.  Jim’s been with us at Microsoft for almost a year and has become something of an expert in Team System server setup and configuration, as well as our Visual Studio user interface integration.  Watch for some interesting posts coming from him…


Basic operations in Hatteras’ cmd line environment – Part 2 Answer

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s quiz.  I’ll work through each step and describe what’s happening: 1.  mkdir subfolder – makes a folder on your local drive2.  cd subfolder – change directories into the folder3.  echo foo > main.cs – create a new file under “subfolder“4.  h add main.cs – pend an “add“ action to the new file5. …


Basic operations in Hatteras’ cmd line environment – Part 2

Continuing the basic command tutorial, today I’ll introduce a couple of more commands:  rename, delete, undelete, and undo.  Pay attention, because there’s a quiz at the end! Rename – lets you rename or move items within the repository.  The command syntax is “rename <src> <dest>“.  The source and dest can be either repository paths (starting…