What’s Your Problem?

It sounds obvious enough, but time after time I see testers in particular taking action before they’ve clearly identified what their end goal is or worse, what problem they’re trying to solve.  I’m guilty of it myself, I’m afraid to admit!  Maybe it’s a personality trait of people who naturally gravitate towards testing, or maybe…


Basic Instincts

I was involved in a conversation today that started something like this: Team X:  “Feature Y is completely broken, but we don’t want to fix it because we don’t think any users will actually use it this way.” My first instinct was, “Are you crazy?  The fix is so easy and low risk!  Of course…


Canaries and Scouts in Software Testing

In software testing, what you don’t know is often your biggest risk. As smart as we think we all are, no reasonable amount of brainstorming and careful test planning can discover all possible tests that should be put in place for a given system.  Even for seemingly simple systems, “test space” can be huge.  I…


Don’t Assume If Something Worked Once, It’ll Work Again

My team discovered a bug recently that had been around in our daily builds a while.  We did a retrospective after the fact and found some interesting facts.  We had a test case covering the scenario, and it had been passing with no problems over the past several weeks.  There were no bugs in the…


No More Test Plans

I’m saying goodbye to the term “Test Plan”.  To me, “Test Plan” implies a plan that details how the test team will measure the quality of the product is and report it back to the team.  While this an important piece of the a quality strategy, it’s not sufficient by itself. I’m replacing the term…


Oh The Times, They Are A Changing

With mixed emotions, I want to announce that I’ve decided to leave the Team Foundation Server team for a new opportunity within Microsoft.  I’ve been on the TFS team for the past 7 years in various capacities from tester to test lead to test manager to test architect.  I’ve watched this product grow from its…


Thinking About ROI for Test Automation

After we shipped Team Foundation Server 2010, I took on a new role on the TFS team as a Test Architect.  I’m excited about this role because it’s a little more hands-on than being a manager and because I get to help tackle some of the most challenging test problems we have across the product….


TFS Command Line Katas: Part 1 – Basic TF.exe Concepts

The TFS command line client, tf.exe, is a powerful tool that may be somewhat intimidating or elusive to learn if you primarily work through within Visual Studio.  In fact, you can do many things in tf.exe that are not available through the Visual Studio source control interface.  tf.exe has been around since the earliest days…


Speaking at TriNUG Wednesday, June 9th

I’ll be doing a talk at the Triangle .NET User Group tomorrow night on “Real World ALM with Team Foundation Server”. It’s a no-slides introduction to TFS 2010 with some practical tips thrown in. More info here.  If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there!


Should I test the individual layers in my app or test from an end-to-end perspective?

I have this debate with other testers and developers from time to time, so I thought I post my own thoughts on the subject.  Many applications today consist of multiple layers.  For example, a typical ASP.NET MVC web application may have views, controllers, services, data repositories, a domain model, etc.  A typical IT type application…