Script Component Recompile in SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS) to refresh metadata

In SQL Server releases 2005-2008 R2 there is a programmatic approach to be able to dynamically change dataflow columns and their data types in a dataflow task from the SSIS programmatic APIs, and have a Script Component still work magically (most of the time). In Microsoft Customer Service and Support we saw this from time…


Analysis Services Stops Accepting New Connections –Processing commit locks hurt

This common blocking symptom really can cause trouble if you get caught off guard. When you process an Analysis Services object, like FullProcess on a database or cube, near the end of processing is the phase where it needs to swap the old files out and replace it with the new files a lock is…


Error from AS client tools – "Property name was not recognized, ‘APP’"

Every time I try to connect to my SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services, from Management Studio or SQL Profiler I kept getting this error popup and I cannot connect. "Property name was not recognized, ‘APP’"   I figured it out… I ran process monitor and found that MSOLAP8 had been registered but the MSOLAP11 version…


SQL Profiler doubleclick does not open .trc files any more

Whenever I double-click on a profiler trace *.trc file I get the error Unrecognized command line argument. All command line arguments will be ignored. ..Please run ‘profiler.exe -?’ to see a list of valid command line arguments. I suspect this happened when I installed a component of Visual Studio called the ATL Trace Tool, which…


Oracle Error when connecting from PowerPivot for Excel 2010 “Connection not open”

Today we got this error when using 32-bit Excel and the PowerPivot addin to connect to Oracle Express.   The full stack of the error appears when you expand the [Details >> ] button Error Message: ============================ ORA-06413: Connection not open. —————————- Failed to connect to the server. Reason: ORA-06413: Connection not open. ============================ Call…


VSTA setup and configuration troubles for SSIS 2008 and R2 installations

SSIS 2008 Uses VSTA 9.0 to edit Script Tasks and Script Task (in Control Flow) and Script Components (in Data flow tasks). VSTA stands for Visual Studio for Team Applications. It should look like this…  and when you click the “Edit Script…” button the Script editor VSTA windows opens when it works (which is most…


Visual Studio 2010 solution build process give a warning about indirect dependency on the .NET Framework assembly due to SSIS references

Here’s how I saw the problem… Install SQL Server 2005. Afterwards, Install SQL Server 2008. (Integration Services or Management tools features are enough usually) Install your favorite new tool Visual Studio 2010. Create or Open a solution for your C# or VB application. The Solution properties should target the “.Net Framework 3.5” to have this…


The file exists…. no, but really the Restore failed

If you try to restore an SSAS 2008 .abf backup file to an SSAS 2005 instance, you will get the error TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio —————————— The following system error occurred:  The file exists. . (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services) —————————— BUTTONS: OK —————————— The solution: 1. Restore to SSAS 2008 instead….