SQL 2012 Data Mining Add-in for Office 2013 prerequisites error

If you try to install the Data Mining Add-in into Office 2013 the setup may fail with the prerequisite error. This may happen if you are using the ClickToRun install of Office, chances are you still have Office 2010 or another version side-by-side, as ClickToRun  doesn’t uninstall previous versions of Office that are installed. 


Setup is missing prerequisites:

- 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010

Go to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=216742



The resolution is to use the Service Pack 1 version (or later) of the SQL Server 2012 Data Mining Add-ins. This download is for 2012 SP1:



There is a way to hack it a bit by telling the installer that Office is installed, and skipping the check by doing this kind of command line:


Comments (2)

  1. Francis says:


    This did not work for me. I ended up using ORCA to edit the MSI and remove the check for office.


  2. Jon says:

    Does work I've found.

    Create a batch file with the above in it, then shift-right click, run as administrator

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