IIS 7.x: Getting 404.7 error for “/” root requests after Disabling Allow Unlisted file extension

To secure the IIS 7.x one of the recommendation is to change the Request Filtering => FIle Extensions: To Allow only the  known extensions. For example : Default values in IIS 7.x Request Filtering => File Name Extension on IIS   Read More @ AspRangers http://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/03/07/Getting-4047-error-for-%E2%80%9C%E2%80%9D-root-requests-after-Disabling-Allow-Unlisted-file-extension.aspx


How to Disable CRL check on IIS 7.X

On IIS 6 you can disable CRL check by running following command       C:\Inetpub\Adminscript\cscript.exe adsutil.vbs Set W3SVC\CertCheckMode 1 but on IIS 7 we don’t have metabase.xml. Now this key has been moved to Registry    http://www.asprangers.com/post/2012/04/02/How-to-Disable-CRL-check-on-IIS-7X.aspx Read More


Resolution for HTTP 500.19 Errors in IIS 7.X

  One of the most common error message on IIS 7 is 500.19. For your easy reference I’m adding scenarios and resolutions http://www.asprangers.com/post/2012/04/01/Resolution-for-HTTP-50019-Errors-in-IIS-7X.aspx


Browsing CWA ending up with blank white page on IIS 7

Helping one of colleague from CWA team on the issue where browsing any static content[htm/jpg] is ending with blank white screen on the browser. That prompted me to look into IIS logs . Here we saw 500 0 1346. As the next troubleshooting step we configure FREB for the 500 error code. Here we see…


Using Microsoft.web.administration to print out applications in appPool and Appdomain in worker process

Quickly helping my collegue-Isha in getting the count of applications in the given apppool [Crude way but it works] using Microsoft.Web.Administration API   Now the Default Website has 7 application spanned across different AppPools. I would like to get the 4 as the count for DefaultAppPool as seen above Following code would enumerate ALL* the…


Configuring SMTP Settings programmatically on IIS 7 on win2008

Today I got a case where I was asked for a script to configure SMTP programmatically in IIS 7. To be precise requirement was to check [corresponding setting on IIS 7] for the “All except the list below” check box and add the IP’s to the Deny List programmatically . Some of the interesting facts…


IIS7:Classic ASp :http 404.3 / An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator

While working with classic ASP on my Vista IIS 7 box.I encountered two different problems: Firstly if you migrated your applications to IIS 7 or developing your new asp application and on browsing the asp page if you encountered error like 404.3 “ HTTP Error 404.3 – Not Found Description: The page you are requesting…


IIS7: 503 Service Unavailable due to autostart=false for app pool

While setting up repro for one of the customer on my Vista IIS 7.I ran into couple of issue(i’ll post both) of my own.My application gave up with "Service Unavailable" "HTTP error 503" No matter whatever I browse .htm , aspx everything ends up with that error 503.Looking into event viewer to see something reported…


IIS 7: error: lock violation on deleting Modules at Website level

Today while working on vista IIS 7 and I was trying to delete  one of module named as CustomErrorModule for Default Web Site and immediate I was notified with this nice error.   And this seem to be happening only with Modules which are listed as Native . I was able to delete Managed module without…


Caspol: .Net 2.0 app failing on win 2008 when hosted on UNC path

Helping one of mate in our team with issue where Asp.net application was failing with System.Security when contents were pointing to UNC path.We were getting following error in the browse: Parser Error Message: Request for the permission of type ‘System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’ failed. (\\abc02\myapp\web.config line 84) This application was hosted on windows 2008…