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Configuring SMTP Settings programmatically on IIS 7 on win2008

Today I got a case where I was asked for a script to configure SMTP programmatically in IIS 7. To be precise requirement was to check [corresponding setting on IIS 7] for the “All except the list below” check box and add the IP’s to the Deny List programmatically . Some of the interesting facts…


Securing Session ID: ASP/ASP.NET

Checking through the Kb article ( ) “IIS supports the use of a Session ID cookie to track the current session identifier for a web session. However, .ASP in IIS does not support the creation of secure Session ID cookies as defined in RFC 2109. As a result, secure and non-secure pages on the same…


After installing KB 973917, the IIS 6.0 application pools cannot start up

New issue on the block after installing KB 973917. Checking event viewer you would end up with Event Type: Warning Event Source: W3SVC Event Category: None Event ID: 1009 Date:  12/9/2009 Time:  10:55:01 AM User:  N/A Computer: WEBSERVER01 Description: A process serving application pool ‘DefaultAppPool’ terminated unexpectedly. The process id was ‘9878’. The process exit…


visual studio 2008 sp-1 skips breakpoint / You cannot get the breakpoints in external JS files to get hit when that code is called from a popup window

Quick post on two new issue on the block related to Debugging/Breakpoint in Visual Studio 2008 After installing VS2008 SP1, single stepping through code does not work, misses break points and generally, it is unpredictable and unusable.  It will generally hit the first break point but after that it is totally unpredictable.        Solution is…


The Crash saga continues and expand further to ie 7 and firefox 3

Following my previous post after uninstalling IE 8 from the my Dell Vista Laptop and restoring back to IE 7  was of no help. IE 7 was also crashing as soon as I start typing URL in the address bar after opening where as Firefox crashes on opening. Applied my PSS troubleshooting trick to capture…


How to un-install IE8 from the vista box

On my home Vista laptop I got a weird problem with IE8 may be due to some malwares.Whenever I try to open IE 8 it prompts me ‘your last session closed unexpectedly ‘ blah blah . Clicking on either of option provided.It crashes iexplore.exe Fastest solution runs into my mind was to un-install IE 8…


Deadlock when storing sessions in SQL server during peak load

<Snip> When there is more than 1 server in web farm scenario it is an obvious choice to go for session out-of-proc either with SQL server or State server. While storing session with SQLServer if you see issues with SQL deadlock during peak loads involving DeleteExpiredSessions . It goes like this… Looking at the current…


LogParser: Filter records for specific time frame/date

Today using Logparser for parsing the ETL file.I did spend some time on filtering it right way to see the activity for specific time frame. Thought to share with you. In ETW file we’ve TimeStamp column that contains value like "2009-07-31 13:34:42" Now if you would like to filter all the records that should fall…


Using ProcDump.exe to monitor w3wp.exe for CPU spikes

<Snip> Procdump is a light weight Sysinternal’s command-line utility whose primary purpose is monitoring an application for CPU spikes and generating crash dumps during such spikes which an administrator or developer can use to determine the cause or to share the dump with PSS for further analysis. It also can serve as a general process…