What’s new in IIS8.5 (Win 2012 R2)

  Much Needed features added to IIS 8.5 (Windows 20012 R2) Read More @ Asprangers.com   http://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/10/11/What’s-new-in-IIS85-(Win-2012-R2).aspx   Cheers


Web Deploy command line (msdeploy.exe) Scenario bash

  Web Deploy command line (msdeploy.exe) Scenario bash  http://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/09/24/Web-Deploy-command-line-(msdeployexe)-Scenario-bash.aspx    


3 new Posts: .Net Debugging and TFS connection Options

Why my Asp.Net application hangs intermittently everyday ? http://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/09/21/Why-my-AspNet-application-hangs-intermittently-everyday-.aspx Different options to connect to TFS 2012 http://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/09/21/Different-options-to-connect-to-TFS-2012.aspx !address -summary explainedhttp://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/09/21/!address-summary-explained.aspx   Enjoy!      


Free : Win 8 App Design Reference Templates

Now to help you in Designing the Great APP( s). Here are the Design Templates which you can use : There are total of 55 templates. asa Read More @ Asprangers.com   http://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/03/11/Free-Win-8-App-Design-Reference-Templates.aspx  


IIS 7.x: Getting 404.7 error for “/” root requests after Disabling Allow Unlisted file extension

To secure the IIS 7.x one of the recommendation is to change the Request Filtering => FIle Extensions: To Allow only the  known extensions. For example : Default values in IIS 7.x Request Filtering => File Name Extension on IIS   Read More @ AspRangers http://www.asprangers.com/post/2013/03/07/Getting-4047-error-for-%E2%80%9C%E2%80%9D-root-requests-after-Disabling-Allow-Unlisted-file-extension.aspx


.Net Patch MS13-004 [KB 2756920] causing problem on SharePoint,Exchange 2010, .Net Web Apps

Yesterday Microsoft released a patch MS13-04[KB 2756920] which is causing extensive issues with Web[.Net] related applications. Windows 2008 R2 RTM customer are mainly affected by this patch. The following exception is thrown after installing KB2756920 on Win7/Win2k8 R2 RTM when any WCF service is hosted on IIS using HTTPS in which the machine has a…


Going from 220 MB Free to 22 GB free on SSD Hard Drive space

I’ve an Lenovo X220 laptop which comes with SSD HDD of 150 GB with Windows 7 installed. As you can see above; out of 150 only 148.75 GB can be actually used for storage From the last couple of days I had started getting pop up complaining about Low Space on C:\ Time to get…