ASP.Net 4.0 Performance Monitoring feature

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  1. Madhur Kansal says:

    Sub doInsert(Source as Object, E as EventArgs)

    Dim strConn as String = "server=YourServer;uid=sa;pwd=YourPWD;database=YourDB;"

    Dim MySQL as string = "Insert into feedback (Title, Email, Feedback, dtEntered, Followup) " & _

    "Values (@Title, @Email, @Feedback, @dtEntered)"

    Dim MyConn as New SQLConnection(strConn)

    Dim Cmd as New SQLCommand(MySQL, MyConn)

    With Cmd.Parameters

    .Add(New SQLParameter("@Title", frmTitle.text))

    .Add(New SQLParameter("@Title", frmEmail.text))

    .Add(New SQLParameter("@Feedback", frmFeedback.text))

    .Add(New SQLParameter("@dtEntered", DateTime.Now()))

    End With



    'Put your Success statement Here

    'Create a label on the page and assign the success statement to the label's text value, like:

    'Label1.Text="Your inormation has been successfully received. " & _

    "We will get back to you as soon as possible"

    'Remember to Import the SQLClient Namespace also


    End Sub

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