Using Excel to count no. of threads having same call stack

Lately, have worked on issue where most of threads were hooked up same call stack .

Question pop up in my mind how many of thread are effected in total or having msxml3!CXMLHTTP::send in it.

MS Excel spreadsheet came to rescue.

From windbg get call stack on all threads in text file
.logpen c:\out.txt

Copy the content and paste in MS Excel. Nest select ALL content (Ctrl + A)

Go to Home -> Conditional Formatting  -> Highlight Cells Rules


Enter the search Text (msxml3!CXMLHTTP::send ), it would be highlighted where ever it exist across sheet



Data tab -> Sort . in this Dialog for Sort On drop down select "Cell Color" and then select Color -> OK


Scroll to top, all thread having the search text would be put together



Now that tells me we have exactly 100 thread running same call stack out of 131 total threads



Happy Debugging Smile

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