ASP.NET 2.0 Perf counters stuck at 0 value when accessed through WMI script

Recently worked on interesting issue:

When checking ASP.Net 2.0 counter, start -> run -> perfmon /wmi, counters doesn't seem to be fluctuating ,Stuck at 0.

Steps to reproduce

  • Star -> run -> perfmon /wmi
  • Add any counter related to Asp.Net v2.0
  • Add any counters like Asp.Net v1.1 for comparison
  • Give a simple request to default.aspx from 1.1. and 2.0 application.


  • We see Asp.Net 2.0 counters still at value 0 .
  • Whereas Asp.Net 1.1 counters fluctuating.


Issue seems to be ASP.NET v.20 counters specific due which our WMI script for accessing counter as resulting 0 as output.

From perfmon /wmi , we got the ticking counters for Net CLR Memory , ASP.Net v1.1.4322

For ASP.Net v2.0.50727  and Asp.NET , counters are still on value 0


Output From perfmon /wmi



Same counter does seem to work from perfmon.

To resolve this issue we have to apply unfinished KB 951683 hotfix(which is schedule for .Net 3.5 SP-1).

You can request this fix by calling PSS (1-800-536-5600 / 1-800-536-3100 ) free of cost.


See ya Smile

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