VsVim Update Released for RC (Version 0.7.1)

I just released a quick update to VsVim which moves it to the Visual Studio 2010 RC build.  There are no functional changes in this release

Link: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/59ca71b3-a4a3-46ca-8fe1-0e90e3f79329

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  1. Aleksey says:

    This is great!


    Humble request for future

    Disable ‘Beep’ – visual bell would be great, but just disabling it would work

    Make search with ‘/’ case insensitive

    The greatest drawback of getting into Vim is that you just can’t use any other editor. 🙁

    Didn’t try VS 2010 beta until your extension had enough features to provide experience similar to ViEmu

    Just curious – you’ve chosen F# for learning purposes among other reasons. Have you ever tried Nemerle? Think that it pattern matching and macro system could ease a lot writing smth like Vi mode. Though I’m really novice in Nemerle and know nothing about F#.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. Vincent B says:


     I’ve got a problem with VsVim 0.7.1 with a french (azerty layout) keyboard. When I try to type ‘:’, it’s interpreted as a ‘/’. The fact is to type a ‘/’ I must enter <SHIFT-:>. It’s a bit annoying :]

    Thanks for your addon.

  3. @Vincent,

    Sorry you’re experiencing this problem.  Can you give me a bit more detail?  When you say you have a french keyboard is it a physical french keyboard or a normal keyboard using an azerty layout?

    I think I know what the issue is but I want to try and reproduce it locally so I can verify I’ve actually fixed it.

  4. @Aleksey

    I filed issue #72 to deal with visual bell


    The ‘/’ being case sensitive was a bug.  I recently fixed and also added the ability to customize the "ignorecase" setting.  

    I haven’t used Nemerle.  Is it a .Net related language or an independent system?

  5. Aleksey says:


    Thanks for your response, and feeding my curiosity.

    Nemerle is .NET based language.



    I’m not affilated with it in any way, and still fail to give it time it deserves. Nemerle was much praised in russian programming magazine, published by community at http://www.rsdn.ru


    Originated in Wrocław university, Poland. Nowadays it’s mostly active developed by russian community, whose leaders fell in love with it. 🙂

    There is also google group (en)

  6. Vincent B says:

    @Jared > I’m going to fill a bug report on github for my problem

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