VsVim Update Released (Version 0.5.4)

I just released an update to VsVim for Visual Studio 2010 Beta2.  This should be available shortly from the extension manager in Visual Studio or it can be downloaded directly at the following link

Link: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/59ca71b3-a4a3-46ca-8fe1-0e90e3f79329


This is mainly a minor bug fix release.  Primarily there was a bug in the command mode jump implementation that made it flaky in big buffers.  Additionally I implemented the normal mode commands r and O. 

Source Code

Source for this release is available at the following location.  It is released under the MS-PL


The usual caveats and expectations

This extension is being released by me, not by Microsoft.  As such the support level for this extension is equivalent to the amount of free time I have to put into it.

Comments (3)

  1. Pedro Salgueiro says:

    Could you please provide the source code of this extension or provide a way for us to extend it?

    I am a VI fan and miss some of the shortcuts and would like to try to contribute to this really great extension!

  2. Pedro Salgueiro says:

    Sorry I was following these posts for some time but did not notice you release of the source.

    Can we send you updates to the source code? In diff format?

  3. Pedro,

    Unfortunately at this time I cannot accept submissions from non-Microsoft employees. It’s a licensing issue that I don’t have control over.  

    The best way to get features at this point is to send a request via email, blog comment or really any way you can get in touch with me.  I work on this project constantly and prioritize user suggests when possible.  

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