CLR Changes in 3.5 SP1

If you haven't come across this post yet about inlining changes in 3.5 SP1 it's a good read.  The short version is, value types will have better performance.

Comments (4)

  1. jtenos says:

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the premise behind this, but I thought the 2.0 CLR was still being used for the 3.5 framework, and that it wasn’t changing as part of this version of the framework.  Am I missing something?

  2. @jtenos

    You are correct.  But included with 3.5SP1 is CLR 2.0SP2.  

  3. Joe Enos says:

    Thanks for the info – I didn’t even realize there was a CLR 2.0SP1.  Nothing I’ve read even mentions new versions of the CLR.

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