Using PowerShell to make sure your XP machine is defragmented

Quick script you can run at login to ensure that your XP machine is being defragmented.  I chose 1:00 AM every evening but you can quickly alter that in the script.  I have this script run as part of my regular set of configuration scripts to ensure that my XP machines are in good shape.

$script:title = "Xp Regular Degrag"
if ( 5 -ne [Environment]::OsVersion.Version.Major ) {
$found = schtasks /query | ?{ $_ -match "^\w*$title" } | test-any
if ( $found ) {
# Set up the defrag task
$task = "{0} {1}" -f (join-path $env:WinDir "System32\defrag.exe"),$env:SystemDrive
schtasks /create /ru system /tn $title /sc daily /st "01:00:00" /tr $task

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