Ternary: Reducing code

I like my scripts to be readable and terse.  They're scripts after all and I want to get the most done with the least amount of code.  There's a lot to be said for having a readable script but I only value that when I intend to keep the script around for awhile. 

PowerShell does not have a ternary operator and that often frustrates me as I end up writing lots of verbose code. 

Once again, fix it by introducing a small function into my profile.  Not quite a true ternary operator because it evaluates both of the result arguments.  But it does the trick for most situations.

function Get-Ternary()
    param ( [bool]$condition = $(throw "Need a conditional"),
            $valueTrue = $(throw "Need a value for the true condition"),
            $valueFalse = $(throw "Need a value for the false condition") )
    if ( $condition )
        return $valueTrue
        return $valueFalse

Now I can type

PS> Get-Ternary $cond 1 42

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