Windows Forms Event LifeCycle

When deveploping windows forms app, it's important to understand the event lifecycle of a form.  That way you know what code to put where to ensure it's loaded at the appropriate time.  That being said I wrote a small app to detail the events in a basic windows form application.  Greater indentations indicate nested events

 Form Startup

  1. OnHandleCreated

  2. OnCreateControl

    1. OnLoad

  3. OnActivated

  4. OnShown

Form Shutdown

  1. OnClosing

  2. OnClosed

  3. OnDeactivate

  4. OnHandleDestroyed


Comments (1)

  1. Chee Pin says:

    this is just great, i am thinking of deriving forms, thinking of which part ot put my init code at.

    Previously i place at OnLoad, but the forms seems slow while opening.

    Niw it works just fine.

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