Shell Scripting with Monad

I spent a bit of my college days in *nix land.  Much of that time was spent writing and maintaining scripts for my various shell accounts.  After I switched to primarily developing on Windows, I was frustrated by the Windows CMD shell and eventually lost interest in scripting. 


Lately I've been playing with Monad at work and it's revived my interest.  It takes a few minutes to get used to the new noun-verb command structure but once you do it's extremely powerful and fun to use.  I am looking forward to writing some commandlets once I have a few spare cycles.  Until then just interesting scripts.


ps | sort-object ProcessName | where { ($_.HandleCount -gt 0) } | select-object ProcessName,HandleCount | Format-table -autosize

Comments (4)

  1. I’ve played a little bit with Monad and it looks very promising. However, do they plan on ever replacing the old DOS-like shell window with something a little more comfortable and unix-like?

  2. I don’t know anything about their plans for replacing the DOS-like shell window. Although I would also like to see something a bit more snappy.

    However from what I understand by reading the documentation, the Monad Engine is hostable so they are not locking themselves into this UI. It should be possible to build a more Unix like shell around the existing engine.

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