Georgia Tech Career Fair

As a recent graduate of Georgia Tech, I will be attending the Career fair that is taking place on February 2nd.  So if you are a tech student and at the career fair please drop by, say hi and drop off a resume. 

In another Georgia Tech related note:  I was attending a meeting this morning where one of the speakers was talking about evangelism.  He spoke of evangelism as being the people who spread the good word about a product.  At the end of his presentation he asked the audience several times "What's the good word?"  It was halfway out of my mouth before I realized that I was no longer in college and in the middle of a large conference room with a lot of coworkers.  Too bad.  On the upside though, I went back to my office and googled "what's the good word" and the technique made number 3 on the list.  Here's the link

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