Visual Studio 2008: Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

If you’re working on solution that has many projects and many project items and you tend to get lost between your files… You might want to go to Tools –> Options –> Projects and Solutions and set Track Active Item in Solution Explorer on. For me it was a big relief that I found it….


Attaching debugger to w3wp.exe using nice and easy keyboard shortcut

How many times have you done some web development and used following method to attach your Visual Studio Debugger to w3wp.exe (a.k.a. Debug > Attach to Process –method):   And then you scroll the long list and find your w3wp.exe and press attach: I’ll bet that you have done that a lot 🙂 At least…


Simple Outlook Add-in with VSTO 3.0

Creating add-ins with Visual Studio 2008 and VSTO 3.0 (Visual Studio Tools for Office) is easy and fast… Just use File –> New –> Project –> Select correct add-in i.e. Outlook 2007 Add-in and you project template is created. And you can run you add-in in debug by just hitting F5! So the basic setup…


Comparing two databases (schema and/or data)

Quite often people like to know what’s happening under the covers when they do something through user interface. For example they use CRM, SharePoint or some other product through user interface and they would like to know what has happened at the database. Normally my answer is that you don’t need to know that because…