Playing with Kubernetes livenessProbe and readinessProbe probes

Disclaimer: Cloud is very fast moving target. It means that by the time you’re reading this post everything described here could have been changed completely . Hopefully some things still apply to you! Enjoy the ride! Liveness and readiness probes are excellent way to make sure that your application stays healthy in your Kubernetes cluster….


Blank ARM template starter kit

I’ve noticed that quite often it’s hard to start developing your ARM templates so that you’re at the same time preparing for the deployment automation from the beginning. Sure there are many templates available and web is full of blogs that show different details of ARM templates but many times you have to think that…


Run Survo Solver inside browser using Web workers

In 2007 I started this blog with post Solving small puzzles (with just a few lines of code). Years later I noticed that there was actually comment at the blog post asking for the code of the app. Unfortunately, I’ve trashed that code so couldn’t get that back anymore. But I decided to implement it…


Finally (some) piece of mind with My Pocket Solitaire

This post continues My Pocket Solitaire series. Previously I have been writing about My Pocket Solitaire and how it has been coming back to me several times over the years. But finally some time ago I published new version of My Pocket Solitaire to Store (application requires Windows 10) which includes two features which have…


Internet Explorer 8 and InPrivate Filtering

I just noticed pretty cool feature which I have previously managed to miss. And that is InPrivate Filtering in IE8. It’s basically mechanism that allows you to filter content from the web pages. Previously I haven’t thought this as “Adblock functionality” but I did a test and noticed huge difference on web page rendering performance…


Live Mesh + Visual SourceSafe = Code everywhere!

For long time I have wanted have my code _everywhere_. Just because I have 3 different computers that I use to write my own stuff. Obviously it would be nice to have version control system (such as Team Foundation Server) but for my own use it would be quite heavy solution. And many times when…


Visual Studio 2008: Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

If you’re working on solution that has many projects and many project items and you tend to get lost between your files… You might want to go to Tools –> Options –> Projects and Solutions and set Track Active Item in Solution Explorer on. For me it was a big relief that I found it….


Attaching debugger to w3wp.exe using nice and easy keyboard shortcut

How many times have you done some web development and used following method to attach your Visual Studio Debugger to w3wp.exe (a.k.a. Debug > Attach to Process –method):   And then you scroll the long list and find your w3wp.exe and press attach: I’ll bet that you have done that a lot 🙂 At least…


Web Services and namespaces (or WCF?)

You might have encountered following situation: 1. You have created class library “MyLibrary” and it contains following class: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 namespace MyLibrary { public class Employee { public string FirstName; public string LastName; } } 2. You have created Web Service “MyWeb” using following VS template:   – It…


Tip: Disable RunOnce from Internet Explorer in your VPC images

If you’re working with VPC images that cannot connect to internet you might have noticed annoying thing at Internet Explorer. IE tries to connect to internet so that it could finish up the setup. It’s good if you CAN connect to internet but it’s really annoying if you won’t ever have network connection (and this…