Live Mesh + Visual SourceSafe = Code everywhere!

For long time I have wanted have my code _everywhere_. Just because I have 3 different computers that I use to write my own stuff. Obviously it would be nice to have version control system (such as Team Foundation Server) but for my own use it would be quite heavy solution. And many times when I have had inspiration to start development of my old project I haven’t had network connectivity at that moment 🙁 So I thought that I try untraditional solution:

  • Use Visual SourceSafe for source control
  • Synchronize VSS database across all my computers with Live Mesh
  • Use local VSS database and “get latest” from that in each computer

I know that this sounds *weird* but it turns out to be good and working solution! Now I can take my source from local VSS database whenever I need and it’s always up to date (since Live Mesh is constantly running on the background and it does all the synchronization stuff).

Future will show if I manage to destroy my VSS database using this this approach 🙂

Anyways... Happy hacking!


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