Modifying application behavior with Detours (for Application Compatibility reasons)

My previous post was about Application Compatibility Toolkit and shims. But what if you have a bit different situation… Imagine that I have my good old My Windows App application that has been working correctly in the past. Now it’s not maintained anymore and it seems that no one has created similar application that fulfills…


Tombo in Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2

Few years ago my friend showed me interesting application called Tombo. Author of Tombo describes it like this: TOMBO is yet another NotesTaker works on Windows/Windows CE (taken from here). It means that it can be used to save notes and it runs on desktop windows as well as windows mobile/phone. So I have been…


Internet Explorer 8 and InPrivate Filtering

I just noticed pretty cool feature which I have previously managed to miss. And that is InPrivate Filtering in IE8. It’s basically mechanism that allows you to filter content from the web pages. Previously I haven’t thought this as “Adblock functionality” but I did a test and noticed huge difference on web page rendering performance…


Live Mesh + Visual SourceSafe = Code everywhere!

For long time I have wanted have my code _everywhere_. Just because I have 3 different computers that I use to write my own stuff. Obviously it would be nice to have version control system (such as Team Foundation Server) but for my own use it would be quite heavy solution. And many times when…


My Chess (another chess application)

I came up with the idea of My Chess when I wanted to play games with my friends and I noticed that I don’t have time to do that 🙂 So I decided to write an application that allows me to play chess with my friends just by using small amount of time every now…


My Notes (a small application between notepad and OneNote)

I have been using Windows 7 and  Windows Server 2008 R2 since the first beta. And I mean on my “production” laptops. And I have to say that I haven’t had any major issues with them. In fact I’ve used to them so much that I don’t want to use older versions anymore 🙂 And…


Story of wrong content type and InfoPath publishing location

I found myself troubleshooting on issue that I thought shouldn’t be issue anymore. I have created InfoPath form and published it to the SharePoint. However when I created new form using that template it ended up using wrong content type at my library. And this happens even with the SP2 installed (both at the client…


Treasure hunting with Microsoft Tag

Many people know geocaching (Wikipedia) and think of it as one of the modern treasure hunting games. Few days ago I found myself playing around with Microsoft Tag and I thought that this could be another treasure hunting game! Therefore I thought that I’ll do a different post this time. First I’ll show how you…


Visual Studio 2008: Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

If you’re working on solution that has many projects and many project items and you tend to get lost between your files… You might want to go to Tools –> Options –> Projects and Solutions and set Track Active Item in Solution Explorer on. For me it was a big relief that I found it….


Creating Excel Game (or something similar for fun)

Awhile back I saw really interesting article: Microsoft Excel: Revolutionary 3D Game Engine? After that I was forced to do small test on that and that of course resulted to this post 🙂 I just grabbed the idea and made small “car game” (but in reality it just vaguely reminds of car game) on top…