Visual Studio 2010 == happiness

"Visual Studio 2010 == happiness" is from one of the VSTS 2010 talks today.  I expected more buzz around Windows Azure but talking to folks in the lounge, at lunch and over coffee there is huge interest in some of the new features in VSTS 2010 especially in the improvements around testing and architecture.

It's tricky talking up features of your v-next product without cannibalizing sales of your current release.  One way to generate interest about the next release while encouraging adoption of the current release could be to publish an "investment map" that shows between 2 releases what scenarios have been enabled or changed. 

For a highly customizable product like Visual Studio a consumer they could use the investment map information to continue customization in an are that has been advertised as "no investment."  Like wise they could abandon investment in areas that have been identified as high investment in a future release.  I'm still baking this plan.

The PDC focus tomorrow shifts to Windows 7.

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