Using productivity factor effectively to build achievable iteration plans

Folks at Microsoft have great integrity. That is, they do what they say they are going to do and let you know early if they can’t follow through with their commitment. I hope you have the same experience at your company. Maybe we are just lucky at Microsoft to have so may people with this characteristic….


Checklists… not just for weekend chores.

I wanted to pass on a book that I’ll be wrapping up shortly.  I’m getting some good ideas that may support creating repeatable processes to around delivering complex software projects.  Here is part of the introduction as a teaser… Here, then, is our situation at the start of the twenty-first century: We have accumulated stupendous…


TFS 2010 Code Churn Report – Getting Additional Detail

It’s great to see more TFS users use a tool they know, Excel, in conjunction with a tool they may not know so well, Analysis Services to answer questions about their software project.  The default TFS reports provide a great first level of detail but you will frequently need to get to the next (and…


Automation to relate TFS work items

If you are using TFS 2008 for work item tracking be sure to get most out of the tool by relating work items.  Depending on the process template you are using the work item types may be different.  In general terms consider linking your requirement/scenario/use cases with tasks. If you are using the MSF for…


New Team Foundation Server case study is available

I was lucky enough to have some I’d been a part of captured in a case study.  The engagement was focused on Application Lifecycle Management improvements focused on people, process and tools (TFS). The study is available at When I work with a customer I’m most successful when I embed myself in their org. …


Source Access by Branch and Role using Team Foundation Server

  It’s great to see the latest version of Team Foundation Server branching guide just passed 30,000 downloads.  Even if you are using another source control system I think you will find plenty of the information in the guide is version control system agnostic and hopefully useful to you. We are planning to update the…


Bulk update of TFS Areas with ICommonStructureService

I recently had to create an area tree, in a TFS project, with  large number (500+) of nodes.  I was not looking forward to doing this manually.  I had the area tree that I needed to create in a comma delimited (CSV) file so I looked around online to see if someone had a utility…


Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V + TFS Build

My colleague, Ian Ceicys ( just pointed me to a great book on Windows Server Hyper-V.  I’ve been a been late ramping up on this server role so I’m excited to get caught up.  I’m reading this now Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V: Insiders Guide to Microsoft’s Hypervisor: John Kelbley, Mike Sterling, Allen Stewart: Books. My…


Team Explorer cache cleaning

When switching between TFS servers (i.e. different servers not TFS projects) there can be data that is cached between projects on the 2 servers leading to some confusion in the Team Explorer UI that makes is appear you have not really changes servers.  This information applies to both TFS 2005/2008.  I’m not sure how this…


TechReady 8 in Seattle

If you are attending the Microsoft technical readiness (TechReady) conference this week in Seattle please drop by one of my sessions below.  I’ll be speaking with Mario Rodriguez, from the Visual Studio team, about source code branch requirements, strategies and execution in TFS.  DEVCT311-R1  VSTS Rangers TFS Branching howto Thursday, February 5, 12:45 – 14:00,…