Time’s running out for your free data mining book!

The survey is now closed.  Thank you.  Tomorrow is the last day you can fill out this survey for a chance to win one of ten copies of Data Mining with SQL Server 2008.  I used the the Data Exploration tool in the SQL Server 2008 Data Mining Client for Excel, and saw that it…


Get a FREE AUTOGRAPHED copy of Data Mining with SQL Server 2008

 The survey is now closed.  Thank you  I checked on Amazon today and Data Mining with SQL Server 2008 is finally in stock!  However, if you are currently using SQL Server Data Mining, before you rush out and buy a copy, please take this opportunity to win a FREE COPY AUTOGRAPHED BY BOGDAN AND ME…


"Supercrunchers" and Microsoft Data Mining

Ian Ayres, Yale Law school professor and author of SuperCrunchers, talks about data driven decisions and the Data Mining Addins in this Gartner podcast.  He also mentions some other company, but we won’t talk about them 🙂  Give it a listen!


Free SQL Data Mining chapter from "Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005"

Informit.com has made available a complete data mining chapter from Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005. The co-author of the book, John Hancock, is a Microsoft Consultant out of Canada that I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  He visited the Analysis Services team for a bit in what’s called the “SWAP” program (although it…

It shipped!!! It shipped!! It shipped!!

No, no, no – not Yukon! (launch date Nov 7) Our book!  I just checked Amazon and it has those now famous words “Usually available within 24 hours.”  You can download the companion material directly from Wiley    


What’s a book without a cover?

Our publisher has finally released the cover art for my upcoming book (with Zhaohui Tang) “Data Mining in SQL Server 2005” You can pre-order at Amazon – buy 10 copies!