Those kids won’t eat anything!

I did my BI Power Hour demo at PASS 2008 yesterday and it featured my twin boys Bowen and Logan. Logan (right) has an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) that limits his diet (no milk products, gluten, or soy) and Bowen has some sensory issues, but that doesn’t explain their extreme pickiness with food.  For example,…


Silverlight Viewers, Data Mining Road Show, and TechEd

A enthusiast in China took a suggestion all the way and has implemented at least a decision tree viewer in Silverlight – I don’t read Chinese, but you can see it here Rafal Lukawiecki – consistantly one of the top TechEd Europe speakers – has been traveling around doing an extensive data mining roadshow.  Here…


PASS Past and Present

If you’re interested in a broad overview of data mining functionality in SQL Server 2005, check out my PASS 2005 presentation on IT’s Showtime with the compelling and exciting name “Data Mining with SQL Server 2005.”  Interestingly enough, I remember getting feedback that some people thought the presentation would be about things like implementing algorithms…


Commentary on one of my TechEd talks

In this post, Teo Lachev writes about his impressions of Tech Ed 2006 including my Reporting and Analysis Services talk, among others.  I’ll post a bit more about my other talks (with screenshots!) later on.


Boston next week

Next week I’ll be in Boston at TechEd, so if you’re there, come by and say Hi!   On Wednesday, I’ll be doing a talk on reporting and Analysis Services.  Later that day, I’ll do a chalk talk on the subtleties in the CREATE MINING MODEL statement.  (Hopefully they’ll find me a projector for this one…


Slides from my 2 day training course in Copenhagen

Last year on short notice I pulled together a two day data mining training session for about 30 people in Copenhagen.  I’ve been getting requests for slides “from my book” (and from other places), and since I never had any, I felt these would do.  You can get them from this link at (free logon…


BI Training in LA towards the end of June

MSEvents is hosting a hands-on lab in June where you can learn about BI for IT professionals.  From this training (according to their site) you will learn how to create An Analysis Services cube A SQL Server 2005 Integration Services package SQL Server Reporting Services Report Decision Tree and Naïve Bayes Data Mining Models A report…


On PASS, PDC and new Downloadable Demos

I’ve just finished uploading some new demos that I’ve shown at PDC and PASS.  Both of these demos show how to use VBA to integrate data mining functionality into Excel.  Their pretty cool – you should check them out.  Bogdan wrote the DMPredict function and I wrote the clustering sample. As I’m writing this PASS…


Me on "TV"

I just watched the MSDN TV episode I did on Data Mining and I’m less embarassed than I thought I would be… [:D] If you’ve watched any of the data mining webcasts it’s old hat, but if you haven’t it’s a good teaser to get you started – after which you should watch the Intro…


Video from TechEd 2005

I just saw Euan Garden’s video of me from TechEd Orlando this year – you can watch it streaming here – or for the true collector, you can download and save the video here.