Happy New Year with a big bang!

It's been over 10 years that I've been working on data mining for SQL Server and the new year brings big changes for me.  It's been a very exciting time for me to learn this technology and industry, and with the new year, I'm leaving Microsoft to become the founding CTO of Predixion Software.  It's too early for me to say exactly what we will be creating over there at Predixion, but it's safe to say that SQL Server Data Mining will feature prominently in our business.  I don't have an "official" landing page at the moment, but when there's news to be delivered, I'll post either here - if possible -  or at http://sqldataminingbook.com.   My contact info on this blog has been updated as well, so if you write me from here, I'll get it at my new location.

 Cheers and a happy new year to all!



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