Time’s running out for your free data mining book!

The survey is now closed.  Thank you. 

Tomorrow is the last day you can fill out this survey for a chance to win one of ten copies of Data Mining with SQL Server 2008.  I used the the Data Exploration tool in the SQL Server 2008 Data Mining Client for Excel, and saw that it takes most people less than 15 minutes to fill it out.


(time to take survey in seconds)

Regarding the book, just today I received my sample copies and I was surprised at how much bigger it is than the 2005 book!  It rounds out at 636 pages - I remember last version we were running up against publisher defined page limits and we cut back material to make it fit.  This time, we just wrote what needed to be written and the publisher agreed to let us, the authors, make the decisions on how long the book should be.  I'm really happy about how the text turned out this time - we still don't have a review on Amazon, so hopefully the public will agree!

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