Awesome job op on the Analysis Services team

Any readers out there that are awesome UI developers with strong ambition and experience shipping packaged software?  It's been a few years since such an opportunity has come up - it fact, long before I became dev manager of the team, but now we are looking for a strong developer to come join our OLAP tools team.  This is the team that is responsible for all of our great OLAP UI used to create dimensions and cubes and all the accourements such as custom calcs and translations, aggregations, partition management, and so on.  Not limited to that - this team also takes on the Analysis Services API layer, including OLE DB, ADOMD.NET, and AMO (don't forget DSO9 as well!).  Oh yeah - they also do all the slick integration with Visual Studio and our management tools - anything I've forgotten?  Migration wizard - that too.

There's quite a lot of surface area for you to take on if you join this team.  You get to work with an incredible team of UI/client devs, plus the OLAP engine and data mining teams, plus you will be working with other teams around SQL Server and Microsoft on a regular basis.

We're looking for a star dev who really loves to work with a team creating the best software.  Most development is in C# - at least to begin with - things have a way of changing (largely because we always want to do something new).  Leadership and teamwork skills would be cool as well.

I'll keep this post up for a week or two - if you're interested - drop me a line.....


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