Your chance to see the Data Mining Office Addins for yourself!

I was happily surprised at the reception of the Addins at my presentation at PASS in Seattle yesterday - one report was that the audience was "drooling".  If you're one that just couldn't make it to Seattle this week - no sweat!  I will be presenting the Addins during a webcast on November 27.  So if you're all filled up from a Thanksgiving weekend (in the US at least) you can sit down Monday morning and see what all the excitement is about!  (just don't drool on your keyboard!).  You can register online for the webcast here.

Comments (2)

  1. GuyS says:


    I just watched webcast and found it very helpful and informative.  

    However during the demo of the Data Modeling tools (classify, estimate etc) you said there was a problem with your instalation that meant you were unable to show these tools in use.  

    I would be extremely grateful if you could direct me to a working demo of these tools as i am having dificultly understanding quite what they are doing, and what can be understood from the models they produce.

    I’d be extremely grateful for any help you could provide.



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