Managed Plug-ins at Last!

For all those of  you who have been waiting and waiting to implement your own data mining algorithms for SQL Server 2005, but didn't want to get into the complexity of writing C++ COM code - it's finally here!  The Managed Plug-in API's are available as part of the SQL Server 2005 feature pack.  Scroll all the way to the bottom - you'll find it there.

Included with the package are

  • All the managed interop code

  • A complete help file with conceptual and reference information

  • A tutorial to help you get started

In addition to wrapping up all of the plug-in API's nicely, Bogdan added a bunch of cool ways to do things like add your own mining functions, parameters, and notifications.

Enjoy! And thanks to Bogdan for all of his work in designing, implementing, and documenting these API's!

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