It shipped!!! It shipped!! It shipped!!

No, no, no - not Yukon! (launch date Nov 7) Our book!  I just checked Amazon and it has those now famous words "Usually available within 24 hours."  You can download the companion material directly from Wiley



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  1. lancea says:

    It did!!! It did!!! Thanks to the wonders of Amazon pre-ordering, the parcel arrived in Wellington (New Zealand) on the morning of Friday 14th. Remarkably fast since I chose the cheapest shipping option. Congratulations to yourself and ZhaoHui on producing the first SQL 2005 book that doesn’t include the word "beta" on the cover! Flicking through, it looks clearly written and understandable. Not a small thing when it comes to DM books. I didn’t make it to any DM talks at PASS, so I’m really looking forward to giving this a good read (once I’ve finished Donald Famer’s SSIS book). Regards, Lance

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