One year anniversary for!

Not only is October the RTM month for SQL Server – it is also the one-year anniversary for SQLServerDataMining.  We now have over 3100 registered mambers from over 32000 distinct IP’s all over the world.  To celebrate we’ve added the live sample “The Art of Clustering” which allows you to create pretty pictures with the…


Updated sample viewer for Sept CTP and RTM

A couple people found that the sample plug-in viewer I posted on didn’t install on the September CTP or later builds (although it continued to work if already installed).  I posted a new version that installs correctly with the newer builds. If you want it soon, grab it right away, we’re taking the site…


It shipped!!! It shipped!! It shipped!!

No, no, no – not Yukon! (launch date Nov 7) Our book!  I just checked Amazon and it has those now famous words “Usually available within 24 hours.”  You can download the companion material directly from Wiley